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Cat Advent Calendar: Stores sold out? No problem, make your own. It's easy, fun and affordable.

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Josh inspecting my work of putting his advent calendar together.

Cat Advent calendars are finally a thing! Trader Joe's sells out theirs very quickly each year. Pet stores are carrying advent calendars for cats too, many of which also sell out early. The problem with buying an advent calendar, even if you can find one, is that your cat may not enjoy the treats or toys. According to a Trader Joe's Facebook group, many cats do not like the treats in their calendars. So, why not create your own? With multiple cats, it's more affordable to make my own advent calendar, and I can put items in that I already know my cats will enjoy.

I use paper lunch bags which I can easily write the date on with marker. Maybe you have something around the house to use - sandwich bags? old socks?

I used odor enrichment in some of my bags such as Meowy Janes silver vine (their favorite), catnip reef, Valerian root to marinate some toys in. Then, I added a variety of toys: brand new cat toy favorites, plus some new ones that they haven't seen before. Peacock feathers, mice, wool pom poms, yarn puffs, silver vine sticks, and Caru Chicken smoothie treats are favorites that can be purchased in bulk. Use toys on their own or try rubbing odor enrichment on toys for a different experience. For extra special days, use the Yeoww! banana. With multiple cats, this is an affordable way to give your cats an advent calendar they are sure to love.

Left with a bunch of paper lunch bags? Make a food puzzle by opening the bag, and placing treats or kibble inside. Once your cat easily gets the treats out, try twisting the bag closed, and creating a small hole in the bag for your cat to have more of a challenge to get the food out. If your cat easily masters that, twist, but do not create a hole this time, let your cat tear the bag apart to get the food.

All their favorites!

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