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Feeding Advice Consultation


A virtual consultation to evaluate your current feeding routine and provide guidance for your individual cat. This consultation includes:

  • History gathering on diet such as quantity, quality, frequency, and any behavior issues related to food and feeding

  • Virtual Meeting up to 45 minutes

  • Written Feeding Plan Summary, plus supporting resources, as appropriate

  • Email followup for 1 month

Ideal for these situations:

  • New Cat Owner looking for feeding advice

  • Cat appearing constantly hungry, eating too fast, or frequently seeking food (Veterinarian must rule out medical issues first)

  • Feeding multiple cats with different eating preferences and patterns

With all the conflicting advice available on what and how to feed, this consultation will break down the various options and help you decide what is best for your individual cat with the help of a Certified Pet Nutrition Coach.

Cat Advocate is NOT associated with any pet food company and provides guidance based on experience and feline nutrition education.

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