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Jennifer Van de Kieft

Jennifer is a Certified Advanced Feline Training and Behavior Professional through the Animal Behavior Institute (ABI). This comprehensive program focusing entirely on cats included coursework on feline history, reproduction, causes and treatment of problem behaviors, science driven training techniques, enrichment, health issues, CPR / first aid, and nutrition. She is trained to create individualized Behavior Modification Plans to address problem behaviors. She trains cats utilizing humane positive reinforcement methods and is also a Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer.


As part of the ABI certification program, she completed her field placement at Animal Haven in Manhattan volunteering in their cattery. Jennifer is also TNR certified through Neighborhood Cats.


Jennifer currently volunteers for Brooklyn Animal Action providing feline behavior advice to rescuers and recent adopters. She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and supporting member of the International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants.


Jennifer stays up to date on the latest training, research, and issues impacting felines. She recently completely the Living and Learning with Animals course through Behavior Works with Dr Susan Friedman. This is a course for animal professionals to learn the foundations of behavior analysis and the science and technology of behavior change for captive and companion animals.

​In addition to the feline behavior certifications, Jennifer has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a law degree.

Jennifer lives with her husband, son and five cats in Brooklyn, NY. This is Luke pictured with her. Their other cats are Lily, Josh, Maya and Oscar.

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