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Happy Cat Consultation


A virtual consultation up to 90 minutes to evaluate your cat's environmental and enrichment needs. This consult can be catered to your cat and the specific topics you'd like covered, and includes:

  • History gathering on your cat's current routine

  • Advice on training and playtime techniques

  • Resource location recommendations, cat care and safety information, and ways to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated

This consult is ideal for:

  • New cat owners and a good refresher for even experienced ones to learn the latest science about our feline companions

  • Kitten Training & Care

  • Senior Care & Wellbeing

The internet is not often the best place for advice for cat care, training, and feeding. I can help you sort through what is good and not so great advice so that you can provide your cat with a happy home based on the latest available science, not myths or old information.

Happy Cat graphic from Canva
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