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Quick Meeting to Ask Questions


Want to chat with a cat behavior consultant? This is a Phone call or Virtual Meeting up to 45 minutes to chat. We can talk about cat behavior or cat care questions. This call can help determine if you need to seek further medical or behavior advice.

Are you considering adopting a cat? Worried about introductions? I can help you navigate what to consider to help you decide. 

We can talk about challenging subjects such as whether to re-home your cat or behavior euthanasia. You don't have to decide this alone.

NOTE: This service is NOT a behavior consultation, but to answer your questions about cat care or behavior.


Litter box issues, Aggression, or Multiple Behavior issues require a more detailed analysis provided by a Feline Behavior Consultation. 


Unlike the Feline Behavior Consultation package, I do not provide a behavior plan, get a history prior to the call, provide follow-up resources, or provide email support following a call. If your cat is displaying a behavior issue, please book a Feline Behavior Consultation.

cat on phone graphic from Canva
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