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Do you need a behavior consultation?

If you're experiencing behavior issues that are stressful, impacting your life and your relationship with your family or your cat, that you have not been able to resolve on your own, you may need professional behavior advice. Dealing with behavior problems such as litter box issues and/or aggression are stressful, frustrating, and challenging experiences. A behavior consultation will help you figure out the source of these issues and move forward with a workable solution.

How does the consultation work?

A behavior consultation involves completing a detailed behavior history of your cat prior to the scheduled meeting to discuss all the issues in detail, obtaining immediate advice at the consultation followed by a written Behavior Modification Plan to change your cat's behavior. You will learn more about your cat's environmental and emotional needs and make changes to meet those needs in an appropriate way. Assessing the cat's home environment is key to the behavior plan as cats have specific environmental needs. I use humane training techniques based on the latest available science.

Can cats really change their behavior?

Cats are absolutely trainable. Of course, there are factors that affect your cat's ability to learn such as temperament and motivation. Many things can contribute to behavioral issues, and making changes to the environment and your routine may be what your cat needs to adjust his/her behavior. 

Should my cat be evaluated by a veterinarian first?

If your cat has a behavioral issue, please visit your veterinarian first to rule out any medical issues which can be causing or contributing to the problem. This is particularly important for sudden behavior changes, excessive vocalization, litter box issues and aggression cases. 

I was hoping for an in-person visit. Is a virtual consultation effective?

Yes, Virtual Consultations are just as effective as In-person ones!

I do all the same things I would at an In-person consultation. I meet you, your cat(s) and tour your home. A huge benefit of the virtual consultation is I get to see your cat in their natural setting. Their behavior is not impacted by a visitor. This is particularly great for fearful cats.

I have a lot of experience using this format. If there are particular things you want me to see about your cat, you can always send me videos or pictures before or after we meet.

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