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Maya and Jen, Pic by BriAnne Wills

Steps to the Process

Contact Me

Reach out to me to see if my services are a good fit. In general, I can help with most feline behavior issues including:

  • Litter box issues

  • Aggression

  • Fearfulness

  • Excessive Vocalization

  • Night Waking / Early Morning Yowling

  • Attention Seeking Behaviors

  • Food Obsession

  • Compulsive Behavior (chewing, pica)

  • Introductions

Schedule an Appointment

Book an appointment through my calendar. The consultations are offered during weekday daytime hours.

Payment is required upon booking.

Complete Forms

I will send you the appropriate history form and service agreement to complete. You can also send me short videos of the behavior you'd like me to see or just videos of your cat being cute so I can get a sense of who they are before our meeting. The forms are due at least 72 hours prior to our appointment time.

The Meeting

Use a computer for our meeting, if available. You can switch to a tablet or phone for the tour.

During the meeting, we'll talk about the possible causes for the behavior issues and strategies to resolve them. 

After the meeting, I'll send you a written behavior plan with the recommendations we discussed, plus supporting resources and handouts.

Follow-up Period

During the 2 month follow-up period, I'll send you 3 email reminders to check in, but you can email at any time during those 2 months to ask questions and report progress.

I offer short Zoom sessions at a reduced cost and am more flexible with times to meet during the follow-up period if you prefer to meet and discuss progress. This is recommended for inter-cat aggression and other complex issues. 

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