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BEHAVIOR CONSULT: I've used Jennifer for my own cat's behavioral issues, and found her professional, kind and well informed. I have no hesitation in referring my clients to her for their cats' behavioral needs too! - Leanna Shuttleworth, Veterinarian

BEHAVIOR CONSULT: Jennifer was patient and professional in her assessment of our cat's issues (peeing outside the box) and her strategies were very helpful. She was very communicative and showed a genuine love of animals. - Divya

KITTEN CARE CONSULT: Jennifer’s process is careful and thorough, taking into account the individual cat’s history and owners’ experience. The tailored report and suggestions on appropriate toys and environmental changes will especially help first-time owners seeking to make their kitten welcome, safe and healthy. She remains committed to the pet and offers feedback and follow ups diligently. - Surya

BEHAVIOR CONSULT: Being a cat rescuer for over 10 years I have experience dealing with all kinds of cats from very docile and friendly to feral, who have no interest in interaction with humans. Well, last August , I rescued  Spot – an extremely handsome and at the same time super aggressive  cat. He used to be a house cat, but was apparently terribly mishandled and finally dumped on the street. I did not know where to start. Luckily one of my colleagues from Brooklyn Animal Action put me in touch with Jennifer. It was a turning point in Spot’s rescue. Jennifer provided invaluable input and guided us during weeks of our work with the cat. At the end Spot’s true nature finally came to light and he got adopted to a nice loving forever home, thanks to our efforts and Jennifer’s recommendations and guidance. - Gregory

BEHAVIOR CONSULT: Jennifer was amazing. She was thoughtful and patient. She provided a comprehensive plan with endless information and suggestions. We were dealing with a cat who sprays everywhere and it is beyond frustrating. She gave us the tools and support to correct the behavior. While it has not been an easy journey, we never would have made it without her guidance. Thank you Jennifer! - Eden

BEHAVIOR CONSULT: Jennifer was recommended to us by our vet, and we are so grateful that she was! Our older female cat was not getting along with our younger male. As long-time cat owners, we knew it was an issue of confidence and knew some techniques to help, but we were not making any headway. During the home visit, Jennifer was professional, kind, and listened really well to all our needs. We felt very confident in both her ability to help and her care for our cats' well-being. Jennifer distilled all the information out there and gave us invaluable, tailored advice for both our cats in a comprehensive behavior modification plan. Since we’ve implemented her recommendations, we have seen incredible improvement. Our female has completely stopped hiding under the bed, doesn’t mind sleeping near our male, and will now even instigate friendly, calm play with him. We would highly recommend her, even for experienced cat owners. - Erin & Phillip

BEHAVIOR CONSULT: Jennifer was thorough, patient and professional. I brought in a 3rd cat to our home which caused much stress to my older cat (peeing on furniture, severe aggression) and her strategies were very helpful. She was very communicative and kept up on how everything was going after our initial visit. Thanks you so much! - Leah

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