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Jennifer's cat, Lily



If you need assistance with cat behavior issues, you're in the right place. As a cat behavior consultant, Jennifer has helped hundreds of cat guardians resolve their cat's problem behaviors. Dealing with behavior issues can be stressful. With a feline behavior consultation, you will get a thorough analysis of why the behavior concerns are presenting, plus strategies and resources to resolve them.

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Veterinarian Recommended

why choose Jennifer?

Jennifer is experienced, non-judgmental, and analytic in her approach to resolving cat behavior issues. Problem solving is one of her strongest skills. The advanced certification means she's been trained in complex feline behavior cases. Her speciality areas are feeding issues, house soiling and attention seeking, though she's trained in all behavior issues and has multiple certifications and certificates in animal and feline behavior. 

how are problems resolved?

By understanding the individual cat's circumstances and viewing the home environment, Jennifer uses her experience and education to provide cat owners with the strategies, tools and knowledge needed to address their cat's behavior issues.

Jennifer with 3 of her cats, Lily, Maya and Josh
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Excerpts from Google Reviews

"Hugely improved our cat's quality of life . . . Jennifer is a miracle worker" - Lara

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