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Training cats and their guardians to create healthier, happier homes.


My mission: Provide cat guardians with strategies and tools to address behavior issues, better understand their feline companions, and strengthen the human-cat bond.

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Veterinarian Recommended

Jennifer's cat, Lily.


There's Hope!

If you’ve lost hours scouring the internet for solutions and are starting to question who’s in control of your household, you know how stressful cat behavioral issues can be.   

But with compassion and years of expertise, I’ve helped hundreds of cat guardians resolve their cat’s problem behaviors. My services are enthusiastically recommended by veterinarians as means to create an environment where felines thrive. 

Help Starts Here

Whether you’re seeking solutions for a nagging issue or welcoming a new cat into the home, check out my most popular consultation services: 

Feline Behavior Consultation

Ideal for addressing a range of behavioral issues. Includes a Behavior Modification Plan, complimentary nutrition evaluation and post-consultation support. 


Recommended for cats who are always hungry, aggressive around food or guardians looking for individualized advice. Includes a  Feeding Plan Summary and post-consultation support.

kitten, senior or new cat owner

Designed to optimize the environment for cats, seniors, or new kittens and catered to the topic of your choice. Includes supplementary resources.

Need an extra nudge?

Hear what happy clients say 

"We worked with Jennifer to resolve litter box issues we were having with our new kitties. After one session and implementing her plan and suggestions, we alleviated the problems and are thrilled with the results."


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