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Selecting a Wand Toy That Your Cat Will Love

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Cats have individual preferences for toys. While most kittens will play with anything, many adult cats prefer toys that are realistic in size and appearance.

Interactive play with a wand toy is a great way to exercise your cat and it's something that is recommended as a daily activity just like taking a dog for a walk. Cats need exercise too.

When selecting wand toy attachments, see if you can determine what your cat is attracted to: small vs. large; mice vs. flying toys, color preferences. I find many adult cats prefer small attachments but they have individual preferences so sometimes you need to try different toys out to and see what your cat responds to.

With 5 cats, it's interesting to see that each has a preference for which prey toys they are attracted to during play sessions. That being said, they all like the Da Bird attachments and small mice like Ratzo and Meek Mouse from Cat Fishin. The Da Bird feathers really fly like birds and make cool sounds in the air. But, if I use them all the time, the cats get bored. I switch out the attachments every 2 to 3 days depending on level of interest. They also all tend to like very small attachments such as Litterboys beetles. Once in a while, I'll take things up a notch by spraying the attachments with Catnip.

Each cat's specific likes:

Josh likes butterflies, large dragonflies, and paper attachments.

Lily and Oscar like larger prey toys including centipedes, snakes, and long stringy types.

Maya loves worms.

Luke loves smaller toys such as clown fish and the Cat Fishin collection.

In addition, each cat likes to play a little different. Maya likes the toy to move slowly, and then disappear around a corner, like a cat tunnel. Only when that happens will she run to chase it at which point I pick up speed. Luke likes the toy to move around in a large circle, and then jerky movements. He also likes to leap in the air for it. Lily loves to play if there's a magic carpet in the mix. Oscar loves to chase a toy around a tunnel on the bed (he's most comfortable playing in the bedroom). Josh loves when I change things up. Sometimes he's running around a tunnel, or jumping up on a cat tree for a toy. He even loves to play in the bathtub, and I pull the toy out of his sight behind the shower curtain (warning: do not try this unless you can tolerate holes in your shower curtain).

Here's Luke with a toy mouse he caught.

What's playtime like in your home?

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