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What Happens During a Virtual Feline Behavior Consultation?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Virtual feline behavior consultations are just as effective as in person meetings. I cover all the same points of discussion and still take a tour of your home and see your cat.

Josh and Luke joining me for a virtual consultation.

Before a virtual meeting, I set up my bedroom area where I hold the meetings. One of the cat trees is visible in the background which is great for talking about vertical space and it's importance for cats, particularly in multi-cat homes. I keep a tunnel on the bed which Oscar likes to sleep in, and I have an assortment of training gear, toys and puzzles to show and discuss as applicable.

The first part of the meeting is going through the history form that clients fill out ahead of time. I read through it carefully prior to the meeting and flag areas to discuss. Next we do a virtual tour of the home so I can see the environment and cat resources which play a big role in the well being of cats. We discuss the behavioral issues in depth and come up with an actionable plan to address the issues. Finally, we end the consultation with any remaining questions the client has and we discuss how the client can make the best use of the follow up period. I set aside 2 hours for the consultation so clients have plenty of time to talk about their concerns.

I send a written Plan typically the next day outlining what steps to take to address the behavior issues. I often send additional resources and product recommendations that were discussed at the meeting. Approximately two weeks after the meeting, I reach out to see how the Plan is going. Clients can contact me by email with questions as often as they need to.

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