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Product Review: Lizzie Da Lizard is a Fantastic Wand Attachment

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Cats can get bored with their toys when they see the same ones over and over. To keep it interesting, I rotate their favorites, make toys myself, and once in a while, purchase new ones. Recently, I tried a lizard attachment by Petdesignz and it was a hit!

Oscar biting Lizard's tail. Photo by Jennifer Van de Kieft
Oscar loves to bite tails, and this toy's got a great one.

My cats love many attachments. Their favorite commercial toys are from Go Cat (Da Bird's feathers are amazing the way they fly through the air and even sound like a bird's wings fluttering), Litterboys (they love the small dragonflies, centipedes and beetles), and Cat Fishin' (Meek mouse, Ratzo and Punk mouse are all favorites).

The cats do become bored with their toys so I'm always looking for new ones to rotate in with their favorites. When the toy is new, or they haven't seen it in a while, playtime is so much fun. They are excited and really want to chase the toy.

We got the Lizzie Da Lizard attachment this week and all the cats love it. Oscar is obsessed.

Oscar playing with the lizard toy. Pic by Jennifer Van de Kieft
Oscar uses his paw to keep the lizard in his mouth

The description of the toy from the manufacturer: Handcrafted using all-natural fibers. Lizzie the Lizard is made from the same fibers as the original Cat Catcher created for Go Cat Toys. Cat wands help younger cats get their energy out and older cats be more active. Stimulate a cat’s instincts—hunting, stalking, and pouncing—in a fun and healthy way. You two will have so much fun playing with the new Lizzie Lizard wand attachment.

When Oscar is excited about a toy, it's hard for me to move it fast enough. He's so quick to catch it that I cannot keep up. That's what's happening right now when we're playing with the Lizard toy.

I purchased the product through Petdesignz.

Oscar gives Lizzy Da Lizard wand attachment 5 stars, and I agree.

Oscar and Lizzie Da Lizard wand toy attachment. Pic by Jennifer Van de Kieft
Oscar wishing I put my phone down and move the lizard toy.

Jennifer Van de Kieft is a Certified Advanced Feline Training & Behavior Professional residing in Brooklyn, NYC.

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