• Jennifer Van de Kieft

Product Recommendation: 3 Way Tunnels

Cat tunnels are a great product for many reasons:

Self Play - Tunnels encourage self-play since cats enjoy running in and out of them, carrying their toys inside;

Hiding Spot - Cats enjoy sleeping inside the tunnel or just hanging out, like Oscar, pictured above;

Reduce Tension in a Multi-Cat home - A tunnel can be used to add choices in pathways so cats don't have to pass each other. They can be placed in hot spot areas where there is friction so cats can avoid each other;

Playtime - I like to use tunnels during play time by having the wand toy move around and inside the tunnels. Cats enjoy chasing the toy around the tunnel. Any tunnel is great, but the 3 way tunnels are really enjoyed in my home. I have one or two out at all times.

Don't have a 3 way tunnel? Get one! there are tons of choices and attractive patterns available.

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