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Bored Cat Tip: Attach a Toy to the Wall or Window

I found painter's tape in my closet the other day, and feeling a bit bored myself, I took a handful of cat toys, and taped them around the apartment in various spots. I have young, active, high jumping cats. To make it challenging, I taped a few about 5 feet off the ground knowing they can jump that high.

The cats loved this. They spent some time staring at the taped toy, and then strategizing how to best position themselves to get the toy off the wall or window.

If you have senior cats, or cats who are not able to jump high, you can still do this fun activity, but consider what they are capable of doing. The idea is create a fun game, but within their capabilities so they don't get frustrated or hurt. Happy taping!

Jennifer Van de Kieft is a Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist residing in Brooklyn, NY.

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