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  • Jen Van de Kieft

Finding a Baby Pigeon on the Sidewalk

Baby pigeons are kind of funny looking, but cute in their own way. My son spotted this guy pictured here as we were walking on 4th Avenue in Park Slope last weekend. Clearly a baby, as he couldn't fly or walk much when we approached. We looked around for a nest, but couldn't find one. He was right next to a restaurant. The baby was in the hot sun, so I gently picked him up and moved him into the shade. We didn't know what to do. As we headed home, I started researching what one does when confronted with a baby pigeon on the sidewalk who clearly needs some help.

As it turns out, The Wild Bird Fund on the Upper West Side takes in all kinds of injured and baby animals, including pigeons. When we got home, I found a shoe box, which I folded a wee wee pad in and cut some holes in the top. I grabbed a latex glove for handling, and we drove back to Park Slope.

There was a large crowd of people outside the restaurant, all either ignoring the baby pigeon or unaware of his plight. I swiftly picked him up in my gloved hand, and gently placed him in the box. We drove him to the Wild Bird Fund where they gladly accepted him.

The WBF is a super cool place. They had a turkey and rooster walking around upon entering. The rooster fell asleep right by the front door while my son and I talked to the intake guy. They gave me a card and said I can check back in on him to see how he's doing. Hopefully, he'll be ok.

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