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Virtual Consultations vs. In Person Consultations: What's the difference?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Virtual consultations are just as effective as In-person. I take a tour of your home virtually and am able to view your cat as if I weren't there which I find beneficial.

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Virtual vs. In person

Prior to the pandemic, I had only done one virtual consultation for a couple who lived in Moscow and found me online. That experience showed me that I would be able to safely continue helping people with their cats even during COVID. And, because people are home with their cats, I've been quite busy. Sometimes potential clients reach out and wonder how I can help virtually. But, I do all the same things at a virtual consultation as I would in person: I meet you, your cat(s), and tour the home environment. As much as I loved going into homes, I'm finding that virtual consultations are just as effective. In fact, being able to view cats in their natural environment without their behavior being impacted by a visitor is better.

What happens during a consultation? We meet and discuss your cat at length. We'll review the history form completed prior to the meeting and talk about the issues. You'll take me on a tour of your home (some clients switch from their laptop to their phone for the tour), and I'll meet your cat if I haven't already. I'd like to see you interacting with your cat. We'll talk about how to resolve the issues as we go so that by the end of the meeting, you'll feel confident about moving forward with workable solutions. I'll send you a written recap of the meeting plus a Plan with step by step instructions detailing how to address the behavior issues. I follow-up with you for 2 months to help you implement the Plan, as needed.

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