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Nutro Strikes Again? "Out of Stock" Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Cat Food

Screenshot from Amazon

About this time last year, Nutro's Max Cat became increasingly difficult to find, with "Out of Stock" listed for many of their flavors. I didn't panic at first, but later in December I realized this was becoming a problem and that the product was being discontinued. The response at that time from the company MARS Petcare USA was to try their Perfect Portions product, which are these ridiculously sized small portions (that cost 50% more than Max Cat) in an even more ridiculous hard to open container where you have to peel back the lid only to get juice everywhere. My cats did not like it very much, except for Lily. She liked it. I had wanted to stop using their products, but for Lily, I would use a Perfect Portion with each meal as a side dish with Lily getting the largest portion.

Recently, the Perfect Portions in Cuts in Gravy (my cats don't like pate) are "Out of Stock" everywhere (Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart, Petco). When I contacted Nutro, I got this response:

"We're sorry to hear you are having difficulties finding our NUTRO® PERFECT PORTIONS Variety Packs. Rest assured we have not discontinued those. We’re aware some of our products haven’t been as easy to find during these unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We have experienced some supply constraints across our family of brands but are committed to making sure all pets have the nutritious recipes they need and our teams are actively exploring how to get them in your hands as efficiently as possible. I am sorry that I do not have a specific time frame to pass along to you. We would suggest keeping an eye on the online retailers such as,,, and as we work towards stock replenishment."

I understand we're in a pandemic, but it's been going on for 9 months now and I have had no trouble obtaining any other product. I really want to stop supporting this company, but I will continue to buy small amounts of Perfect Portions for Lily, if they are ever available again.

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