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MAX CAT REPLACEMENT UPDATE - Wellness Has Been Eliminated From the Rotation

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I recently discovered that Wellness Core Signature Selects was giving one of my 5 cats an upset stomach. Sometimes there are filler ingredients that cause a negative reaction. It took me some time to figure this out, but once I eliminated Wellness from their diet, his poop was back to normal. Looking at the label carefully, I realize the Signature Selects are not made in the USA, so I switched to other foods. My cats are fed small meals five times per day, as cats eat multiple small meals in the wild. I'm trying to mimic a more natural feeding schedule at home. Here's what I'm currently feeding my cats:

1st Breakfast - one can of Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet either Chicken, Flaked Tuna or Fish & Shrimp (Chicken is their favorite).

2nd Breakfast (roughly 3-4 hours later) - buffet of Merrick Back Country either Turkey, Duck or Chicken, American Journey either Chicken, Turkey or Chicken&Turkey, Nutro Perfect Portions Chicken or Turkey and Fancy Feast - currently experimenting with flavors as there are a ton. Since I have 5 cats, providing this variety ensures that there's a favorite for everyone in there.

Afternoon Snack - each cat gets an ounce of American Journey Chicken dry food in a puzzle feeder.

Evening Meal - same as 2nd Breakfast.

Bedtime Snack - another ounce for each cat of American Journey Chicken dry food in a puzzle feeder.

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