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Cat driving you crazy now that your home all the time?

Luke "helps" me with my Star Wars puzzle. As difficult as this puzzle is, it's even more difficult when I find pieces all over the apartment as the cats like to knock them off the table.

Tips for being home with your Cat 24/7:

* Keep a schedule for feedings and playtime;

* Exercise your cat during playtime to decrease their arousal level and increase the chances they will rest while you're working (even senior cats need exercise, but typically require less intense sessions);

* Alternate boxes, tunnels and carriers to keep their environment engaging and fun - even just changing the placement of where the boxes or tunnel is located can be a fun change;

* Alternate toys, provide battery operated toys while you work if your cats still wants to play, and provide self-play toys such as tunnels and tower tracks;

* If you're cat wants to be on your desk, laptop or lap while you're working and you'd prefer your cat to give you some space, you can set up an attractive spot near where you're working. Put a small cardboard box on the desk, if there's room. Set up a cat tree near your desk. Even putting a clean towel on a nearby chair may be a good spot for your cat to be near you, but allows enough space for you to work;

* Spend time cuddling and petting, if you cat allows it. With some cats, less is more.

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