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Gift Ideas for Cats and their Guardians

Holiday Gifts for Cats and Guardians

Cat products are everywhere from socks to coffee cups to games. Here are some unique options:

Cat Subscription Box: For something special, sign up for a box from which features a monthly box of unique cat products. The box it comes in is the perfect size for felines. You can also buy products from past boxes, everything from shirts to housewares to cat toys.

Books: There are a series of books written by Francesco Marciuliano that are poems written from the cat's perspective and are often hilarious. I Can Pee on This Too is our favorite. I read excerpts of these to my son’s 3rd grade class, and the kids (and teacher) loved it.

For Felines: products such as Hide and Sneak tunnel, magic carpet, fun wand attachments and Silver vine.

Wand toy attachment: Bug Katfly (the yellow one) is one of the best attachments available from Amazon.

Heated bed - particularly if your cat is a senior, he/she may love one of these.

Vertical Space - We recently added shelves and a 6 foot scratching post that attaches to the wall, and it's been AMAZING. I highly recommend Fundamentally Feline's shop (but there's lots of stores that sell cat shelves including Wayfair and Etsy):

Litterboys Color Beetles - Some of my favorite wand attachments are made by Litterboys, available on Amazon. They recently came out with brightly colored red and yellow beetles - our cats LOVE them:

Jennifer Van de Kieft is a Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist in Brooklyn, NYC.

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