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This Past Week: Black Cat Appreciation Day and Take Your Cat to the Vet Day


Sadly, black cats (and dogs) are the least adoptable animals in the shelters. Mini-panthers don’t always photograph well and sometimes they are overlooked due to superstitions. I am so grateful for Maya, our black cat. Maya adores my son above all others. She is constantly by his side, something he wished for when we were adopting. Of our 5 cats, Maya is the sweetest. She is also stunningly beautiful with her shiny black fur and golden eyes. Thank you Maya for all the joy you bring to our family. Selecting cats by their personality is a more effective way of finding the right fit for one’s family.


It's estimated that 50% of cats do not get annual veterinary check ups. Since cats tend to hide pain and owners may not realize a medical issue is going on until it's gone on for a long time, taking cats in for regular check ups is essential. Even for healthy cats, getting to know your veterinarian and establishing a baseline for what is normal can be helpful for sick visits. Many cat owners dread the experience from putting the cat in the carrier to how the cat reacts at the vet office. To overcome these hurdles, train your cat to use the carrier and find a veterinarian that you are comfortable working with and discussing your concerns about annual check ups. If your cat is very stressed, she might recommend a medication for the visit to relieve some of the anxiety.

For more information on training your cat to use a carrier:

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