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TINY but MIGHTY Book More Than Just Kitten Care

Hannah Shaw was at Strand bookstore last night in NYC, the first stop of her book tour for her very first book released this week, Tiny but Mighty. The book is the ultimate guide to kitten care detailing what Hannah has learned taking care of neonatal kittens for the past 10 years. Neonatal kittens are a very vulnerable population since they need more care then shelters can often provide. Foster homes are key in ensuring these little lives have a chance at a future.

Hannah's book has heartwarming stories of many of the kittens she's fostered. But, there's so much more. For example, she also advises on how to get your foster kittens adopted and emphasizes how to take care of yourself to avoid compassion fatigue. She believes that if we all get involved in some way, we can reduce the amount of animals dying in shelters.

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