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Estate Planning for your Cats?

Having a pet is a commitment. Aside from the typical daily responsibilities, it also means planning for your cats if something happens to you. Unfortunately, lots of people don't do that. When I volunteered in a shelter, so many of the cats coming in were orphaned when their guardian entered a nursing home or passed away. A neighbor in my complex passed away last week, and we're trying to find a home for her two cats that were left behind.

I adopted my last crew of cats recently. I figure I'll be in my 60's when they are no longer with me. At that point, I'll either adopt seniors or start fostering only. Maybe I'll adopt seniors and foster. We'll see. In the meantime, in the event something happens to both my husband and myself, we a plan for our cats to be taken care of. Do you?

This is Roscoe, one of the cats orphaned when his guardian died last week.

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