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Cats in Movies: Gloria Bell (and the Hairless Cat)

Photo by Dan Wayman on Unsplash

Julianne Moore stars in Gloria Bell, a movie about Gloria, a divorced woman who loves to go dancing. She starts dating a guy she meets dancing, and it gets more complicated than she anticipated. It’s a great movie, and Julianne Moore is simply dazzling.

Oh, and there’s a cat. A hairless cat who keeps showing up in her apartment somehow. Gloria typically just removes the cat, rather awkwardly, to the hallway or backyard. But, after an awful night, Gloria gives in and lets the cat stay. Later, she shares a can of tuna with the cat, which is kind of cool, but cats really should be eating cat food. That would make the sharing scene more challenging, but I don’t like sending the message that tuna eating is ok unless you are desperate and trying to get your cat to take medication.

Does she even have a litter box? I have put too much thought into whether Gloria is keeping the cat. Is there a neighbor desperately looking for his cat? Or, has the cat been neglected anyway which is why she keeps showing up in Gloria’s apartment? The movie doesn’t show Gloria going to the pet store or ordering from Chewy, so I’m thinking this is a short term stay. The cat is drawn to her apartment. It is something about Gloria? Maybe the apartment has mice. We don’t know.

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