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Wand toys keep getting better!

Utilizing a wand toy to play with your cat is a great way to bring out the predator inside your cat and provide much needed mental stimulation and exercise. It also keeps your hands and body at a safe distance while doing so. However, wand toys vary quite a bit. It used to be the only ones available were awkward to hold and wave around. Luckily, today there are tons of good choices. I like the new ones out there with a soft handle and fishing wire. They are retractable for easy storage, lightweight, durable, easy to wave around which makes the whole experience that much more fun for you and your cat. They often come with different attachments to keep life exciting. Depets brand makes a really great one at a very affordable price (can be found on Amazon). My cats really respond to caterpillar attachments which are harder to find. Jackson Galaxy's wand has a great one, but the wand broke pretty quickly, so I transferred the caterpillar to the Depet's wand. Different toys are also available for purchase on their own as attachments. I am awaiting a DaBird dragonfly from Amazon. Doesn't that look cool? Since I am often yielding two wands at once, I may have to purchase another one of these:

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