Preparing Your Cat For a New Baby

Cats and kids can be a great combination. Having pets reduces the chance of kids having allergies. It also provides good teaching moments about taking care of other’s needs. Follow these tips to help your cat with the adjustment of bringing home a new baby: Play baby crying sounds, low at first. Over time, slowly increase the volume to achieve a realistic level. Develop a routine for your cat now that includes regular playtimes, and try to keep that up once baby arrives. This will make a huge difference for your cat. If possible, have someone bring an item home from the hospital with baby’s scent so your cat can smell baby before she arrives. Create positive associations by putting treats on

FAQ: Why Does My Cat Dislike My Spouse?

Although each particular situation is different, a proper introduction followed by regular and positive interactions is helpful when your cat meets new people. It’s not too late to form positive associations. Have your spouse feed your cat, conduct play sessions, and provide treats. Your cat may start to enjoy your spouse’s company if good things happen when your spouse is around.

Enhancing Your Relationship With Your Cat

Cats vary in how much affection they want to give and receive. They may sleep on your lap, or cuddle with you in bed. Others are more distant. To build a foundation for a good relationship and affection, keep these ideas in mind: Respect: Cats are very clean animals. Do your part by ensuring he has clean litter boxes, dishes, and places to rest. Accept your cat’s preferences. If he doesn’t like being picked up, don’t pick him up. If he only enjoys short petting sessions, stop petting before he becomes irritated. If your cat is sleeping, leave him be. Basic Needs: Mental stimulation is a need that is often overlooked. Boredom can lead to stress and behavioral issues. Cats are designed to spen