If you find kittens . . .

Kittens younger than 8 weeks old are the most vulnerable population at animal shelters. Hannah Shaw (AKA The Kitten Lady) gave a presentation at Cat Camp in NYC this past May and I learned a lot about neonatal kittens. In many shelters, there are not enough resources to care for these kittens and they are euthanized. The best thing to do if you find kittens, is to wait 3 to 4 hours (assuming the kittens are not in danger) to see if the mama cat returns as she is best equipped to care for them. If she does not return, find someone to foster the kittens. Once they reach 8 weeks old, they are adoptable, preferably in pairs so they have a playmate and will be less dependent on you for entertainm

Do cat names matter for adoption?

With so many dogs and cats entering shelters, and 1.5 million still being euthanized annually, getting adopted quickly to make room for others is extremely important. We recently fostered a pair of adorable kittens. They came with kind of silly, but cute names, Tiny Boots and Dusty Mittens. When they first arrived, I planned on calling them Tiny and Dusty, but my son was not having it. He renamed them Stella and Nicole. We took a bunch of pics and forwarded them to Brooklyn Animal Action who we were fostering them through along with their new names. They were soon adopted. When the potential guardians came to visit, they talked about how much they liked their names. When I mentioned their ol