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Virtual Feline Behavior Consultation


Complete package includes:

  • Detailed history of your cat prior to the meeting

  • Virtual Consultation up to 2 hours

  • Clients are given the strategies, tools and knowledge needed to address behavior issues

  • Written Behavior Modification Plan

  • 2 months of email support

  • Complimentary nutrition and feeding evaluation, as appropriate


Litter box issues, Aggression, Fearfulness, Excessive Vocalization, Night Waking, Attention Seeking Behaviors, Food Obsession, Compulsive Behavior (chewing, pica) and Introductions (with no or minimal negative interactions). Introductions Gone Wrong may require additional shorter sessions (see note)

There are often many parts to this complicated puzzle. One meeting may not be enough to set your cats up for success. Shorter meetings are available at flexible times to help guide you through this difficult process. 
$30 for 15 minute Virtual follow-up
$50 for 30 minute Virtual follow-up

Not only is it a convenient way to meet, but the opportunity to view cats in their natural environment without being affected by the presence of a visitor can be helpful in the assessment.

See your veterinarian first as changes in behavior may be the result of an underlying medical issue.

Jennifer's cat, Josh. Pic by BriAnne Wills.

Happy Cat Consultation


A virtual consultation up to 2 hours to evaluate your cat's environmental and enrichment needs. This consult can be catered to your cat and the specific topics you'd like covered, and includes:

  • History gathering on your cat's current routine

  • Advice on training and playtime techniques

  • Resource location recommendations, cat care and safety information, and ways to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated

This consult is ideal for:

  • New cat owners and a good refresher for even experienced ones to learn the latest science about our feline companions

  • Kitten Training & Care

  • Senior Care & Wellbeing

The internet is not often the best place for advice for cat care, training, and feeding. I can help you sort through what is good and not so great advice so that you can provide your cat with a happy home based on the latest available science, not myths or old information.

Feeding Advice Consultation


A virtual consultation to evaluate your current feeding routine and provide guidance for your individual cat. Cats have particular needs when it comes to food and require a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. This consultation includes:

  • History gathering on diet such as quantity, quality, frequency, and any behavior issues related to food and feeding

  • Virtual Meeting up to 45 minutes

  • Written Feeding Plan Summary

  • Email followup for 1 month

Ideal for these situations:

  • New Cat Owner looking for feeding advice

  • Cat appearing constantly hungry, eating too fast, or frequently seeking food (Veterinarian must rule out medical issues first)

  • Feeding multiple cats with different eating preferences and patterns

With all the conflicting advice available on what and how to feed, this consultation will break down the various options and help you decide what is best for your individual cat with the help of a Certified Pet Nutrition Coach.

Quick Meeting to Ask Questions


Phone call or Virtual Meeting up to 45 minutes to answer your cat behavior or cat care questions. This call can help determine if you need to seek further medical or behavior advice.

Are you considering adopting a cat? Worried about introductions? I can help you navigate what to consider to help you decide. 


NOTE: This service is NOT a behavior consultation, but to answer your questions about cat care or behavior.


Litter box issues, Aggression, or Multiple Behavior issues require a more detailed analysis provided by a Feline Behavior Consultation. 


Unlike the Feline Behavior Consultation package, I do not provide a behavior plan, get a history prior to the call, provide follow-up resources, or provide email support following a call. If your cat is displaying a behavior issue, please book a Feline Behavior Consultation.

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