• Jennifer Van de Kieft

Keeping Your Cat Warm During this Cold Winter

Is your home cold? Do you need layers? Your cat may be feeling the cold too even with her fur coat. Cats prefer warmer weather. They like to lay in the sun.

Here are some tips for keeping your feline companion warm this winter:

  • Snuggling - This might be the winter your cat becomes a lap cat. Sharing body heat is a great way to keep warm.

  • Electric heated bed or self-heating bed - This can be a wonderful thing to offer your cat for winter comfort.

  • Try a cat bed or folded towel near a radiator so they can safely enjoy being near the heat.

  • Choices - Offer lots of resting spots around the home, preferably off the ground since the floor tends to be cooler and let your cat decide which spots are best. Bonus points for a spot in the sun assuming it's not too drafty by the windows.

  • Exercise - It's important to keep your cat active and moving.

  • Extra Food? - Keeping warm burns a bit more calories so it can be normal for cats to require a little more food in the winter. Be careful not to overdo it since being overweight is not good for your cat's health.

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