• Jennifer Van de Kieft

Celebrating 3 Years In Business With a New Logo!

I started this feline behavior consulting business 3 years ago this month in an effort to help guardians better understand their cats and to help them resolve behavior issues, which is my passion. Cats displaying behavior issues are often doing so due to stress or other environmental issues which can be resolved by tweaking the current routine and environment to set your cat up for success. I really enjoy working with people who love cats and want to make their home a desirable place for their cat to enjoy their best life. Cats and their people are the best! Thank you for helping make my business a success!

I worked with Laura Holder who is a dog trainer and graphic designer to create this logo. She did such a wonderful job. Laura has worked with lots of dog trainers, and I was her first cat trainer who she designed a logo for. Check out some of her awesome work:

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