• Jen Van de Kieft

Preparing Your Cat For a New Baby

Cats and kids can be a great combination. Having pets reduces the chance of kids having allergies. It also provides good teaching moments about taking care of other’s needs. Follow these tips to help your cat with the adjustment of bringing home a new baby:

  • Play baby crying sounds, low at first. Over time, slowly increase the volume to achieve a realistic level.

  • Develop a routine for your cat now that includes regular playtimes, and try to keep that up once baby arrives. This will make a huge difference for your cat.

  • If possible, have someone bring an item home from the hospital with baby’s scent so your cat can smell baby before she arrives. Create positive associations by putting treats on that item.

  • Ensure that your cat has hiding spots that a baby/toddler cannot access and a tall cat tree or wall shelves where he can safely escape to and observe the surroundings.

  • Teach your toddler how to properly interact with your cat. Supervise interactions and provide guidance. Some cats are fine with toddlers petting them, others are not. As your child gets older, showing him/her how to play with a wand toy may help strengthen the bond between them.

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