Feline Behavior Services

Behavior and Training Service Options:

Feline Behavior Consultation Package


Currently Virtual only

A behavior consultation will comprehensively address cat behavior issues. It includes:

  • Detailed history of your cat prior to the meeting;

  • A Virtual Consultation up to 2 hours;

  • Immediate feedback on how to address the behavior issues during the meeting;

  • A written Behavior Modification Plan;

  • 2 months of email support to guide you in implementing the Plan.

TRAVEL FEE: During the Pandemic I am only offering Virtual Consultations. Post Pandemic, I will continue to service areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens that are accessible by train and the travel time is less than 1 hour from Downtown Brooklyn. I charge a $100 travel fee to come to your home.

Virtual vs. In-Home - Is there a difference?
Since mid-March 2020, I've only done Virtual Consultations. I do all the same things I would at an In-person consultation. I meet you, your cat(s) and tour your home. A huge benefit of the virtual consultation is I get to see your cat in their natural setting. Their behavior is not impacted by a visitor. This is particularly great for fearful cats. Virtual Consultations are just as effective as In-person ones.

Phone Call for Minor Issue

or Cat Care questions


Up to 30 minutes to answer your cat behavior or cat care questions. This call can help determine if you need to seek further medical or behavior advice if you are not sure if the behavior issue warrants a full consultation.


NOTE: This service is designed for minor issues or to provide cat care advice. Litter box issues, aggression, or multiple behavior issues require a more detailed analysis provided by a Feline Behavior Consultation.


NOTE: If you purchase a call and then book a feline behavior consultation within 1 month, $25 will be deducted from the consultation fee.


If your cat has a behavioral issue, please visit your veterinarian first to rule out any medical issues which can be causing or contributing to the problem.

If your cat has a behavioral issue, please visit your veterinarian first to rule out any medical issues

which can be causing or contributing to the problem.

Additional Services: Set Your Cat Up For Success

Kitten Training and Care


An in-home consultation working with you and your kitten(s) to develop a routine and training program setting up a lifetime of benefits. This consult consists of setting up a purrfect environment which allows cats to exercise, play, and build confidence. This consult can also include answering cat care questions, cat proofing one’s home, and fear free grooming techniques for nail clipping and brushing teeth. You will also learn fun play and training techniques.

Senior Care and Wellness


Evaluating a senior's environment to ensure their needs continue to be met, especially when they start slowing down and begin experiencing medical issues can be important at this stage. This in-home consult provides guidance on ensuring the best care possible for your senior including nutritional advice, providing the best set up of resources (food, water, litter), and ensuring continued mental stimulation and exercise.

Currently, the above serivces are offered Virtually

Happy Cat Consultation


An in-home consultation to evaluate your cat's environmental and enrichment needs. This consult can be catered to your needs,and can include training and playtime techniques, resource location recommendations, cat care and safety information, and ways to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated. This consult is ideal for new cat owners and a good refresher for even experienced ones.

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