Feline Behavior Services

Behavior and Training Service Options:

Feline Behavior Consultation Package

Currently Virtual only

A behavior consultation will comprehensively address cat behavior issues. It includes:

  • Detailed history of your cat prior to the meeting;

  • A Virtual Consultation up to 2 hours;

  • Immediate feedback on how to address the behavior issues during the meeting;

  • A written Behavior Modification Plan;

  • Resources and product recommendations, as applicable;

  • 2 months of email support to guide you in implementing the Plan.

ADDITIONAL CAT FEE: The consultation is designed to help one cat with behavioral issues. I charge $50 for each additional cat who has behavioral issues to address.

COMPLICATED CASES: If you have a home with many pets and/or several cats with lots of behavioral issues, we may not be able to cover all areas in one meeting. Clients can hire me for additional one hour meetings at a reduced fee, as needed.

Virtual vs. In-Home Consultations:
Is there a Difference?

Since mid-March 2020, I've only done Virtual Consultations. I do all the same things I would at an In-person consultation. I meet you, your cat(s) and tour your home. A huge benefit of the virtual consultation is I get to see your cat in their natural setting. Their behavior is not impacted by a visitor. This is particularly great for fearful cats. Virtual Consultations are just as effective as In-person ones.


If your cat has a behavioral issue, please visit your veterinarian first to rule out any medical issues which can be causing or contributing to the problem. This is particularly important for sudden behavior changes, excessive vocalization, litter box issues and aggression cases.

Phone Call for Minor Issue
or Cat Care questions


Up to 30 minutes to answer your cat behavior or cat care questions. This call can help determine if you need to seek further medical or behavior advice if you are not sure if the behavior issue warrants a full consultation.


NOTE: This service is designed for minor issues or to provide cat care advice. Litter box issues, aggression, or multiple behavior issues require a more detailed analysis provided by a Feline Behavior Consultation.


NOTE: If you purchase a call and then book a feline behavior consultation within 1 month, $25 will be deducted from the consultation fee.

Happy Cat Consultation


A consultation to evaluate your cat's environmental and enrichment needs. This consult can be catered to your needs, and can include training and playtime techniques, resource location recommendations, cat care and safety information, and ways to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated.


This consult is ideal for:

  • New cat owners and a good refresher for even experienced ones to learn the latest science about our feline companions;

  • Kitten Training & Care

  • Senior Care & Wellness

 Currently Virtual Only

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TRAVEL FEE: Currently, I am only offering Virtual Consultations. I may return to In Person Consults in NYC that are accessible by train and the total travel time is less than 1 hour from Downtown Brooklyn. I will only come to your home if you can prove that you've been fully vaccinated.   I charge a $100 travel fee to come to your home. Virtual Consultations will still be available.


Do you need a behavior consultation?

If you're experiencing behavior issues that are stressful, impacting your life and your relationship with your family or your cat, that you have not been able to resolve on your own, you may need professional behavior advice. Dealing with behavior problems such as litter box issues and/or aggression are stressful, frustrating, and challenging experiences. A behavior consultation will help you figure out the source of these issues and move forward with a workable solution.

How does the consultation work?

A behavior consultation involves completing a detailed behavior history of your cat prior to the scheduled meeting to discuss all the issues in detail, obtaining immediate advice at the consultation followed by a written Behavior Modification Plan to change your cat's behavior. You will learn more about your cat's environmental and emotional needs and make changes to meet those needs in an appropriate way. Assessing the cat's home environment is key to the behavior plan as cats have specific environmental needs. I use humane training techniques based on the latest available science.

Can cats really change their behavior?

Cats are absolutely trainable. Of course, there are factors that affect your cat's ability to learn such as temperament and motivation. Many things can contribute to behavioral issues, and making changes to the environment and your routine may be what your cat needs to adjust his/her behavior. Although located in NYC, Jennifer provides services virtually throughout the United States.