Review: #CATS_the_mewvie

Sukkicat, an Instagram celebrity, was featured in the documentary. Available on Netflix this month, this documentary tells the story of how cats have taken over the internet. I enjoyed watching it, but there is a strong focus on Instagram. It left out YouTube, and other websites such as Stuff on my cat and I can has cheezburger, where cats were starred before Instagram took over. The documentary featured many cat influencers including Lil Bub, Princess Cheeto, and Sukki. It was interesting to see how these cats developed such a following, and it's been particularly great for special needs cats like Lil Bub (who recently passed away). Lil Bub's foundation has raised a lot of money for special

Max Cat Replacements - Update

Luke loves Max Cat. This change has been hardest on him. Luckily, I feed my cats a variety of brands and flavors as their favorite food, Nutro's Max Cat, was recently discontinued. I am also feeding them: American Journey Poultry mix Wellness - minced poultry Merrick - mixed flavors (least favorite) To replace Max Cat, we tried many brands and flavors. They don't like pate, they prefer the minced, sliced food. My cats have decided on these winners: Canidae Chicken and Carrots Wellness's Core Signature Selects shredded Chicken & Liver and Chicken & Turkey Purina Muse Chicken Purina Beyond Salmon and Chicken, Beef & Carrot Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet - poultry flavors I had purchased cases of

Cat TV - Prime shows are a hit!

After my post last week, I gave a few of the Prime shows a try. There are 6 movies for cats available! My cats were entranced for the entire hour. The program is very basic, with a camera on a log, and bird food scattered on the log. It features birds coming and going, eating the food. The occasional squirrel shows up too. My cats love our window view. We are fortunate to have very large trees outside and our cats enjoy bird and squirrel watching. However, during these winter months, there is a lot less activity. These Cat TV shows are a good substitute as we wait for Spring to arrive and birds to come back and provide entertainment outside our windows. Jennifer Van de Kieft is a Certified