Does Your Cat Watch TV?

Lily took a front row seat while I was watching The Lion in Your Living Room on Prime the other night. There is such a thing as Cat TV. There are shows for cats, usually with birds and squirrels - animals that cats like to watch. The best TV is live action which can be viewed right from your window if you have a good view of a nearby tree. Provide your cats spots near windows so they can enjoy the sun and watch what's going on outside. It's a great way to provide enrichment. If you don't have a good window view, you can try YouTube videos for cats or see if your streaming network has a show specifically for cats. Prime has a show called "Cat TV - For Cats" which is about 4.5 hours long. Jenn

Is Your Cat Bored?

Luke has his favorite fur ball toy in his paws. I rubbed a little silver vine on it which helped add some excitement to a toy that he's already played with quite a bit. Aside from food, water and a clean litter box, cats need things to keep them occupied during their non-sleep hours or boredom may develop. Signs of boredom may include excessively sleeping; overeating; destructive behavior; and over-grooming. Always check with your veterinarian first when you notice behavior changes. Enrichment includes providing cats ways to act out their natural behaviors like hunting, climbing, and foraging. Here are some ideas to try: Daily Play Sessions: Using a wand toy, create a hunt in your living sp

Replacing My Cat’s Favorite Food: Nutro’s Max Cat

My 5 cats eat a variety of wet food brands and flavors. But, they love Max Cat above all others. Max Cat is a Nutro food that’s been around for years. I order it by the case in 6 flavors. For the past several months, some flavors have been “temporarily unavailable” on Chewy, so I ordered it on Amazon. Suddenly, it’s not available anywhere. The owner of a local pet store near me told me it’s discontinued with no replacement. When I reached out to Nutro, they told me to try their Perfect Portions, which is the recommended replacement. The Perfect Portions are available in a pack of two. Two tiny portions that do not add up to one can of Max Cat, though they cost more. I looked at the ingredien

Cat Grass, Recommended by Researchers

Josh and Oscar LOVE cat grass. It’s normal for cats to eat plants, but many of our plants are not safe (see ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic if you’re not sure). Their ancestors would eat grass to protect their digestive tract. That instinct remains in our domestic cats, and by providing cat grass, it’s a great way to let our cats act out a natural behavior that they enjoy. Cat grass is typically grown from rye, barley, oat or wheat seeds, and is safer than grass grown outside as it’s not treated with pesticides. Cat grass is typically found at farmer’s markets and local pet stores and kits can be found online. They are easy to maintain: spray with water, and occasionally cut off an inch