Keeping Cats Safe this Holiday Season

Holidays are fun, but can also be stressful, even for cats. Cats like routine, which can easily be disrupted due to changes in schedule, visitors, and travel. Things to consider to keep your cat safe and happy this holiday season: Routine - Maintain your cat’s normal schedule for meals, playtime and affection; Decorations - Hanging ornaments can be tempting for cats to bat at. Glass can break, and some ornaments can be chewed and ingested. Ensure decorations are safe; Christmas Trees - Cats can knock over trees, injuring themselves or others. If you do get a tree, make sure it's secured so it cannot fall over. Christmas tree water may have chemicals or aspirin in it - do not give cats access

Gift Ideas for Cats and their Guardians

Holiday Gifts for Cats and Guardians Cat products are everywhere from socks to coffee cups to games. Here are some unique options: Cat Subscription Box: For something special, sign up for a box from which features a monthly box of unique cat products. The box it comes in is the perfect size for felines. You can also buy products from past boxes, everything from shirts to housewares to cat toys. Books: There are a series of books written by Francesco Marciuliano that are poems written from the cat's perspective and are often hilarious. I Can Pee on This Too is our favorite. I read excerpts of these to my son’s 3rd grade class, and the kids (and teacher) loved it. For Felines: D