Happy Thanksgiving

Things to consider to keep your cat safe and happy this holiday season: * Routine - Maintain your cat’s normal schedule for meals, playtime and affection; * Holiday Plants - Many plants associated with the holidays are poisonous to cats including mistletoe, pine tree needles, amaryllis, lilies, red azaleas and paperwhites. They are not worth the risk; * Holiday Foods - Avoid giving your cat human food as holiday food is often rich and may contain harmful ingredients such as garlic, onions or avocados. If you want to give your cat a holiday treat, try freeze-dried chicken cat treats or other favorite cat treat; Contact your veterinarian or hotline if you are concerned your cat ingested someth

Heated Cat Bed

Dr. Mikel Delgado, Cat Behaviorist and Scientist, gave a presentation, The Science of a Happy Cat, in NYC this past Spring. The presentation was great, but the one thing that stuck out to me was a recommendation she made at the end - if there's one thing you should get for your cat, it's a heated bed. As we're transitioning to cold weather, and your home is on the cooler side, a warm spot for your cat will likely be appreciated as cats prefer warmer temperatures. This picture is of Maya in a Toasty Cat. It's not heated, but it's plush and cozy. I attached it with Velcro to the top of a bookshelf.