Happy Halloween!

Keep pets safe on Halloween by keeping them inside. If the doorbell scares them, let them hang out in a quiet room with good hiding spots. Make sure they have all of their resources in the room (food, litter box, hiding spot, bed). Play soft or classical music which can help relax them. A Feliway diffuser may help too.

Vertical Space for Cats

How many cats do you see? Many cats enjoy climbing and perching from high spots. Providing tall cats trees and/or shelving can be a great way to provide exercise by encouraging climbing and also provide more space and options for cats to hang out and rest. For a multiple cat home, vertical space adds square footage and gives cats a chance to get away from one another. Cats enjoy viewing their territory form a high vantage point. All of my 5 cats love perching from high above. We recently installed shelving (those white shelves pictured) for our cats that is accessible form the top of the bookshelves, which they access from a nearby cat tree. The next step is to connect the shelves around the