This Past Week: Black Cat Appreciation Day and Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

AUGUST 17TH - BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY Sadly, black cats (and dogs) are the least adoptable animals in the shelters. Mini-panthers don’t always photograph well and sometimes they are overlooked due to superstitions. I am so grateful for Maya, our black cat. Maya adores my son above all others. She is constantly by his side, something he wished for when we were adopting. Of our 5 cats, Maya is the sweetest. She is also stunningly beautiful with her shiny black fur and golden eyes. Thank you Maya for all the joy you bring to our family. Selecting cats by their personality is a more effective way of finding the right fit for one’s family. AUGUST 22ND - TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET DAY It's estim

Finding a Baby Pigeon on the Sidewalk

Baby pigeons are kind of funny looking, but cute in their own way. My son spotted this guy pictured here as we were walking on 4th Avenue in Park Slope last weekend. Clearly a baby, as he couldn't fly or walk much when we approached. We looked around for a nest, but couldn't find one. He was right next to a restaurant. The baby was in the hot sun, so I gently picked him up and moved him into the shade. We didn't know what to do. As we headed home, I started researching what one does when confronted with a baby pigeon on the sidewalk who clearly needs some help. As it turns out, The Wild Bird Fund on the Upper West Side takes in all kinds of injured and baby animals, including pigeons. When w

Today is International Cat Day!

International Cat Day was started in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to bring awareness to the issues facing cats. In many places, including NYC, stray cats are in abundance. It is estimated that there are 500,000 homeless cats in NYC. These cats are often struggling to find food. The majority of kittens are born outside and many do not survive. A handful of cat rescuers have dedicated their lives to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to help reduce the population and provide some care for the cats out there. Are there stray cats in your neighborhood? Get involved by taking a TNR certification class through Neighborhood Cats. Check out their upcoming classes here: https://www.neighbo

TINY but MIGHTY Book More Than Just Kitten Care

Hannah Shaw was at Strand bookstore last night in NYC, the first stop of her book tour for her very first book released this week, Tiny but Mighty. The book is the ultimate guide to kitten care detailing what Hannah has learned taking care of neonatal kittens for the past 10 years. Neonatal kittens are a very vulnerable population since they need more care then shelters can often provide. Foster homes are key in ensuring these little lives have a chance at a future. Hannah's book has heartwarming stories of many of the kittens she's fostered. But, there's so much more. For example, she also advises on how to get your foster kittens adopted and emphasizes how to take care of yourself to avoid

Is It Safe to Give Your Cat Human Food?

Josh tries a broccoli leaf, but decides it's not for him. Certain human foods are safe for you cat, in moderation. For example, a small amount of cut up chicken breast can make an excellent healthy treat. Canned pumpkin can be added to food for extra fiber to address constipation, with veterinarian approval. Powerful fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and tomatoes can provide a boost of antioxidants and vitamins, if you can get your cat to eat them. Try cutting them up into small pieces and adding it to wet food. However, there are many foods that are not safe for cats including garlic, chocolate, and avocado. For a full list of dangerous foods, check out the ASPCA's website: https://w