Furniture Scratching Can Be Prevented

Scratching is a normal, healthy behavior for cats. It stretches muscles, relieves tension, grooms nails, and is a form of feline communication by creating visual and scent marks. Scratching should be encouraged, on appropriate surfaces. Every cat should have at least one scratching post, and in a multiple cat home, there should be a post for each cat. When purchasing a post, consider these factors: Angle: Test out your cat’s angle preference by offering posts that are vertical (should be tall enough that your cat can reach way up and stretch his entire body), horizontal, and angled. Surface: Offer sisal, carpet and/or corrugated cardboard to determine surface preferences. Stability: One of t

Cats love Cardboard Boxes

Put a box down, and a cat will jump in. Cats love cardboard boxes. It provides a feeling of safety and they are attracted to the material. I find that cats prefer the smaller boxes that are about 4 inches tall. They like it when they just fit. The bigger boxes are fun for games. Cut out a few holes, and it becomes a fun tunnel. We always have a handful of cardboard boxes around our main living area for the cats to enjoy.