Does your Cat need his own bed?

Many people tell me that they have purchased a cat bed that has either never been used or used only briefly by their cat. I've shared similar experiences. I find that cats do enjoy having a variety of places to sleep, including the same places humans rest and sleep - couches and beds. They also enjoy cat trees, perches, carpet, and cardboard boxes. Providing options is key. I keep a folded towel on my bed as another option. My mother-in-law gave me a beach towel with a cute cat design - looks good and the cats love it. Dr. Mikel Delgado presented at Cat Camp last month. She's a cat behaviorist and scientist. In her Science of a Happy Cat presentation, she said the best thing you can get for

Good Morning! Early Morning Meowing.

IS YOUR CAT YOUR ALARM CLOCK? A frequent question I’m asked is how to deal with meowing/yowling at 4 am or thereabouts. The reasoning behind this can stem from a medical issue, so visiting your veterinarian is the first step. Other considerations are hunger and boredom which can be alleviated by having a play session at night followed by a snack and/or providing kibble in a food puzzle before bedtime. Another idea is to set up a timed feeder before the meowing typically starts. Senior kitties might experience confusion at night. Night lights around key resources like the litter box and food are helpful. Provide warm resting spots to ensure comfort.

Is Your Cat's Litter Box Setup Working?

When your cat is eliminating outside the box, it can feel frustrating and stressful. Visiting your veterinarian can determine if a medical issue is the cause. Additionally, you want to ensure an adequate litter box setup. Do not make drastic changes, as some cats do not respond well. If you need to make adjustments, do so gradually. For example, when switching litter type, start slowly by mixing a small amount of the new litter with the old litter. Or, keep the old litter and offer another box with the new litter. Consider These General Guidelines For Litter Box Setup: Number of cats plus one is the recommended number of boxes you need to provide sufficient choices; Size of Box - cats prefer