Estate Planning for your Cats?

Having a pet is a commitment. Aside from the typical daily responsibilities, it also means planning for your cats if something happens to you. Unfortunately, lots of people don't do that. When I volunteered in a shelter, so many of the cats coming in were orphaned when their guardian entered a nursing home or passed away. A neighbor in my complex passed away last week, and we're trying to find a home for her two cats that were left behind. I adopted my last crew of cats recently. I figure I'll be in my 60's when they are no longer with me. At that point, I'll either adopt seniors or start fostering only. Maybe I'll adopt seniors and foster. We'll see. In the meantime, in the event something

Bird Watching is Great Enrichment for Cats

Cats love bird watching. We are lucky to live in a building with big trees right outside in perfect view from our windows. Our cats watch squirrels and all kinds of birds going about their day. On occasion, a bird might even fly to our air conditioner or ledge. Typically, the cats are frozen, watching intently when that happens. Putting a cat tree in front of windows is a great way for cats to hang out and relax watching the goings on outside. To ensure safety, make sure you have screens on your windows. Cats need more mental stimulation than most people think. Watching birds is like Cat TV. It's a great way to enjoy some down time.

TNR Benefits Community Cats & Neighbors

This is Cole, a cat my neighbor and I trapped. We didn't notice at the time, but she already had an ear tip indicating she'd been spayed. Even in this picture, her ears look perfect. She was either a stray or feral - definitely fearful of people, but my neighbor socialized her and now Cole is living the life of luxury. With kitten season already in full swing, volunteers are needed for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Cats are trapped, taken to a local veterinarian or the ASPCA for vaccinations and neutering, then returned to the area where they were trapped. If you have feral/stray cats in your neighborhood who are not ear tipped (indicating they have already been neutered), consider getting invol