Unique Enrichment Products Created by a Veterinarian to Reduce Boredom

Dr. Lynn Bahr founded Dezi & Roo, named after her cats, to combat the lack of stimulation and stress from indoor living which can lead to behavioral problems. Her products are quite affordable and are available at Some of my favorites are: * Hide and Sneak Tunnel: Tunnel made of paper and cardboard which cats are naturally attracted to. It’s great for playing, hiding, and simply hanging out. This is Luke outside the tunnel. Maya is inside. * Cloud Nine Silver Vine: Odor enrichment powder similar to catnip, except it is way more potent - cats react strongly to it. Rub some on a toy. Unlike catnip, you cannot give it directly to cats to eat. * Magic Carpet: Versatile large thin

How to Transition Your Stubborn Dry Food Only Cat to Wet Food

My cat, Abby (pictured below), ate mostly dry food until the last year of her life when she decided to start eating wet food. Her veterinarian prescribed a fiber dry food since she did experience constipation. Many consider wet food better quality. It often has a higher amount of protein and lower carbohydrates compared with dry food. In addition, the high water content provides hydration since many cats do not drink enough water. I feed both wet and dry food to my cats. To encourage eating the wet food, I don’t put the kibble out until the wet food is eaten, whenever possible. I also put the kibble in puzzle feeders so they have to work for it. For cats that have only been eating dry food,