How many cats are enough?

For about a decade, my family had 3 cats. Three cats seemed like a good fit for us. They got along well. We loved them dearly, but then the inevitable happened. The two eldest became older, and eventually passed. For the past 2 years, we have had a series of cats coming and going, some partly due to us becoming fosters and two because their owners died, and had no where to go. One was adopted, the other was a sick senior who passed last year. The last of the first three, Abby, died earlier this summer. We had already gotten a pair of kittens two years ago, Luke and Lily. Our current fosters have been with us for almost a month and we have become very attached. Not just us humans, but Luke an

Hats for Cats?

I took my son to Pearl River on Broadway & Walker in Manhattan yesterday after his appointment to see a hand specialist to treat a broken finger. He loves to look at novelty items (AKA junk). They have lots of weird cat stuff including these hats to put on your cat. These are adorable, but they do not look too comfy to me. I would not recommend this! Some cats may allow you to put hats like those pictured on them, but not many. I think the issue with those hats is they cover the ears too tightly. Below is my cat Abby (she passed away last month). She would let me put looser style hats on her, at least for a short while. My son did pick out a sushi cat key chain which I also found on Amazon: