Luke loves to hang out under the paper and plot an attack.

With each delivery of Chewy comes a huge piece (or pieces) of large brown packing paper. As soon as it comes out of the box and I start unfolding it, the cats come running. I layer it either by itself, or fold i...

Oscar is my least picky cat. I often refer to him as the vacuum cleaner because he goes around after everyone has finished eating to see if there's anything they left behind.

I'm still disappointed that Max Cat is no longer available. My cats really loved that food. Af...

April 30, 2020

I found painter's tape in my closet the other day, and feeling a bit bored myself, I took a handful of cat toys, and taped them around the apartment in various spots. I have young, active, high jumping cats. To make it challenging, I taped a few about 5 feet off the gr...

April 23, 2020

Josh chased a fly up to the kitchen window and is holding it down with this left paw.

Two days ago, we had some excitement at home when a fly arrived in our apartment, likely from my son's window since the screen is messed up. The cats were delighted, particularly Josh,...

April 15, 2020

Every afternoon on a sunny day, Oscar is looking for a comfy spot to soak up the rays from the sun.

Some benefits of having a window view:

* Getting fresh air, if you leave the window open, even a just a crack. Note: Strong screens are necessary to ensure your cat stays...

April 8, 2020

Luke "helps" me with my Star Wars puzzle. As difficult as this puzzle is, it's even more difficult when I find pieces all over the apartment as the cats like to knock them off the table.

Tips for being home with your Cat 24/7:

* Keep a schedule for feedings and playtime...

April 1, 2020

YouTube not only has great Cat TV, but there are also games your cat can "play." These games have fish or spiders appear on the screen, run across, then disappear. This definitely caught my cats attention for some time one morning while they patiently waited for us to...

March 16, 2020

Luke giving me a high five for offering $25 off virtual consultations. Or, maybe he wants the turkey I've got in my other hand.

While the Corona Virus outbreak is affecting NYC, I will not be traveling and going into client's homes for consultations. I can do consultati...

March 16, 2020

Ani was very vocal after being trapped, and he didn't run to the back of the cage when we peaked at him. I think he's likely not feral, and instead a stray cat.

Last week, a neighbor and I set up a time to meet and try our 2nd attempt to trap Ani, this handsome tabby c...

March 6, 2020

 Josh hanging out in a freshly cleaned box with new litter.

We choose everything for our cats, food, toys, litter box, and the litter that goes in it. I like to give my cats options so they can decide what they prefer.

I had been using Naturally Fresh walnut based litter...

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